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A Pilgrimage with Thea Ivie


A Spiritual Adventure in the Quest for Truth and Ascension

Published March 12, 2010 

Observer book review by Catherine J. Rourke

“Someone else’s spiritual path can often illuminate new directions for our own.”

This saying captures the very essence of Transcending Illusion, Theodora’s Journey Through Time (Ascension Publishing, 2007). And, perhaps, no path is as fascinating or illuminating as the one narrated here by Sedona resident Thea Ivie, a doctor of naturopathy, energy healer and spiritual seeker.

Her journey in search of truth, God-realization and ascension has been a long and winding road – for centuries, in fact. In Transcending Illusion,” she shares her inspiring spiritual biography with such rich detail and lively storytelling that she has created an inspiring page-turner – a pure pleasure to read. 

In her earnest pursuit of spiritual development, Thea takes readers on an enlightening trek through time in both past lives and present-life adventures, sharing humble but profound perspectives as she faces disappointments, struggles and even triumphs along the way.


An early vision

Thea’s quest in this lifetime begins at a surprisingly early age during her childhood. While most little girls fantasized about white knights and fairytale princesses, Thea dreamed of “going to a monastery to be with holy people” and even communicated with spirits at age seven.

“I could see them and they would talk to me,” she writes. “A lot of kids can see the unseen, but their parents make this ability wrong or don’t believe them.”

Thus begins an incredible biography woven with threads of wisdom and highlighting the amazing experiences of a soul that has dedicated this lifetime – and countless others – to spiritual evolution. Through her studies with Enlightened Masters, such as Papa Ramdas, Babaji and Ananda Moyi Ma, among many others, she shares with readers some profound wisdom on her search for truth and ascension from which they can gain greater self-realization and awareness of what they themselves have come here to achieve.



                                  Papa Ramdas   



In her search for freedom, she notes: “…my quest superceded [sic] need for attachment, desire or material comfort.”  She realized that this was the purpose of all humans: “...to know our oneness with God and all life.”

That desire sent her to India at an early age to study with realized masters who helped her “to unfold like a lotus flower.”  While she states this path was difficult, she admits that “…it was the only way to transcend suffering.”

A channel between heaven and earth

Thus began a journey of trials and triumphs, with all the subconscious traumas and imperfections surfacing from prior lifetimes to clear the karma and release the pain.

“One must want realization above all else, and then the purification of karmas will be accomplished until one realizes their true state of Oneness, which is always there,” she writes.

After many years of deep meditation, Thea began to realize that among her many gifts was an ability to serve as a conduit for divine healing by seeing past and present blockages in others and identifying their cause. Combining healing techniques gleaned from prior lifetimes, she released them through prayer, faith and divine grace as well as her clairvoyance and ability to generate spontaneous healing.


Thea developed her healing abilities by studying naturopathy, acupressure, herbology, kinesionics, entity release, shamanism, Jin Shin Jyutsu and other modalities and training with various teachers. She also tapped powerful healing techniques by developing a “hotline” of communication with guides, masters and angels, learning how to clear chakras through light, color and sound frequencies.

Thea Ivie

She writes: “So I learned to be a channel between heaven and earth, anchoring in their energy from the higher realms so they could do their work.”

As a doctor of naturopathy, she has been described as “an instrument of God’s healing grace,” helping people identify release current and past life blockages – quickly and painlessly.

“I am neither the healer or doer,” she says. “I am a co-creator with God. Healing is not my responsibility – it is God’s alone.”

A mystical experience

Readers may find that they will experience their own profound healings and realizations, as I did, while reading this book. Mystical dreams, sheer miracles, nocturnal visions and amazing instances of synchronicity began emerging in my life as I read it during a post-surgical recuperation in early 2010. I could feel an inexplicable energy emanating from its very pages that seemed directed toward the parts of my body that needed healing.

I couldn’t wait to pick up where I left off, as Thea’s  narration makes readers feel like they are right there with her – whether in Sedona or India, Santa Fe or the Himalayas.

She also introduces readers to an uncommon concept: spiritual marriage. In a world obsessed with sexuality, Thea takes us by the hand and shows us an alternative ecstasy that far transcends intimacy as most people know it. “The old way of love is based on attachment, division and approval. Divine love is seeing the higher self of the other and merging with that one,” she notes.


We follow her soul on its path through time in its search of truth and God-realization, from Lemuria, Egypt and the time of Jesus through the French Revolution and modern-day pilgrimages to the Himalayas – including a particularly noteworthy trek through the 10,000-foot lofty heights of the Hindu trilogy: Gangotri and on to Badrinath and Penusila near Vasundhara Falls, where avalanches posed a serious threat.



Thea writes: “The beauty and feeling of the place was beyond description. The waterfalls, the trees… all emanated an indescribable energy."



Vasundhara Falls

Finding triumph in tribulation

In between her tales of paths littered with boulders and obstacles, we stumble upon some nuggets of gold, such as “…letting go is a huge leap to God Consciousness” and subtle reminders that we are all here for a very good reason, no matter how ugly our reality might be.

“This planet is a tremendous launching pad,” she writes.” At this time, there are many souls on a waiting list to embody on earth, because it is an opportune time to grow.”

Still, despite her evolving spirituality, Thea fully embraces her humanity. She details how exhausting the journey can be and how difficult some states of consciousness have been to endure.

She writes: “I was tired of this journey… of knowing what was happening behind the scenes: the corruption of our government and the world… .”

She also peers into the future with startling accuracy.

“Many of us have gone through remarkable periods in history, and now the boil is going to be popped," she writes. "In our very time we’ll see great changes, not only in our government but all governments. The truth of what has been hidden and the deceptions of men and women of power will be revealed.”

Prophetic prose

Again, we need to remember that this prophetic book was published in 2007, which means it was written years ahead of publication – before the economic collapse of Wall Street, the discovery of the Madoff scandal and mortgage industry deceptions that have led to the massive, present-day foreclosures.

She explains that “currency is simply energy” and urges readers to “...move beyond survival, to share, with discernment...” so that we can create a new world.

Thea also prophetically reminds readers that everything will be speeded up “by 2008” so that we can evolve to a greater vibrational level. She asks readers: “Will we, as a mass consciousness, be able to go beyond delusion?”

Thea also urges us to “sacrifice personal desires in order to create a livelihood in service to others” and to dispel fear with love as the darkness is eliminated.

She writes:

“We are being asked at this time to transform the physical body into a higher frequency, or light body. This is called Ascension. In order to transform the physical body, the cellular memory must be totally purified. As we release all the karmas and traumas from the body, it will become less dense and transform into the light body. When this happens, the law of gravity will no longer apply.”


                              THEN                                                                               NOW

She also offers this uplifting ray of hope: “Our role as light workers this time is to go beyond the dark forces instead of fighting them, as we have in so many incarnations. This time we are fighting them with light, love and connectedness to the Divine.”

Simple truths

The book chronicles a path not just of physical and spiritual adventures but one of simple realizations – truth, love, surrender, healing and releasing attachments. According to Thea, the only way to get through the dark night of the soul is “by praying, meditating and having the support of dear friends.”

An inspiring read, Transcending Illusion provides not only pathways for healing but hope for light at the end of the dark tunnel many face in these times of great uncertainty. Thea concludes that what’s important are not the events in our lives but how we handle them, with an ability to view our struggles as stepping stones for spiritual growth – right in the midst of everyday life.

“Growth is letting go of what we are not, and growing into who we truly are – spiritual beings of happiness and joy,” she says. “Come with me on my journey; it is a journey for everybody, for we are all One.”

Go to http://divinegraceretreats.com for more information about Thea or to purchase her book.

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Ananda Moyi Ma


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