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Kat's 9 Lives

A book by Kat Cunningham

Finding and Living Your Passion Quotient

Moving Passion into Action for a Feel Good Life

Kat Cunningham, Portal Center Press, © 2012



Media Review

Published August 24, 2013


Passion is the supreme elixir and renews all things;

Let divine passion triumph and rebirth you in yourself.

Seek passion, seek passion, seek passion!


Author Kat Cunningham has some extraordinary tales to share with readers in Kat's 9 Lives a fascinating, fast-paced and often funny memoir threaded with plenty of heartfelt passion, spiritual epiphanies and non-stop pursuits.

Kat is many things besides an author... she is a creative designer, corporate trainer, florist, actress, restaurateur, event designer, educator, counselor, holistic practitioner, magazine publisher, intuitive coach, radio personality, animal communicator, jewelry designer … and now a teacher with some profound wisdom she learned along the way.

In the process she developed a special system that people can use as a road map through the many various growth phases of life to assist them in making key decisions.


But first she had to grope, stumble and even fall a few times. But she gets up and keeps on going like the Eveready battery bunny... or, cat.


Racing across continents, relationships and employers, we follow Kat’s adventures as she trailblazes the road less traveled through the pinnacles and pitfalls of life. Her amazing journey of triumphs and trials, full of marvel and spontaneous creative combustion, will restore readers’ belief in the miraculous and synchronistic ways of the universe. More importantly, her resulting PQ System provides a fun and easy step-by-step path to help readers find their true self, identify their natural gifts, and harness their power for a more fulfilling life.


Through her nine lives of wisdom, wonder and rich perspective, Kat shows readers how to identify the "20 Passion Qualities" in their own life stories. Using the cycles of change, growth, death and rebirth from Nature as a metaphor, she offers readers a system of growth, energy and expansion to reveal the best of who they are in order to make innovative daily decisions driven by passion and that "Feel Good."


Woven with entertainment and enlightenment on every page, Kat’s epiphanies and “aha” moments will naturally open up your own.


In Life Number Four, she offers a defining moment as she distinguishes passion versus effort. “One felt good and one felt like a job,” she writes.

This understanding led to the passion that changed her life and the inspiration for this book. Through Kat we learn simple but profound lessons, such as the fact that there are invisible forces working on our behalf and to “speak your truth or pay the consequences.”


These are just a couple of the numerous treasures that readers will collect along Kat’s Iliad & Odyssey as she teaches them to live in the present moment, expect daily miracles, pretend it’s real, and fly free. As an added bonus, Kat’s bodacious artwork illustrates these vital lessons.


She provides four Life Questions as the foundation for getting started in her Passion Quality System, with a foundation of four simple laws and “Rules of Balance and Harmony. This offers a “balancing compass” that readers can use as a “passport to feeling good” in their daily decision-making so they can “care and feed the creative soul.”


Kat teaches us that, as we learn to “let go,” we can embrace an effortless and enjoyable life with a new knowledge of who we are and what we really want. In essence she shows us how to toss the old bath water without losing the precious baby – our true nature and divine gifts – transcending old worn patterns that no longer serve us so we can find our true path and mine our true gold within.


In order to see the scope of your life as it has been up until this point, you might want to review what you have accomplished during the past few years. Create a list of the things that you have done over the years that have positively impacted others, or look at past personal reflections  to see how much you have learned, experienced and contributed to the world.

While it may be easier to think that we haven’t accomplished what we wanted when things don’t seem adequate, looking at our triumphs through the lens of our entire lives allows us to see that our personal progress is, in fact, a series of realizations and transformation.

Even if this moment doesn’t look the way you wish it to today, by seeing your life through a wider and deeper lens as Kat guides you in this book, you will understand that you have achieved more than you realize and will appreciate the impact of your life on others much more.

A special toolbox awaits readers at the end of the book with everything necessary to re-design and reinvent their lives – a GPS for anyone groping through the dramatic shifts of 21st century life. Kat shows you how to tap your eternal wellspring and embrace your true path.


Kat’s 9 Lives will change yours, serving as a way-shower for anyone seeking greater freedom and fulfillment. Her contagious exuberance and ability to laugh at her own follies will keep readers entertained while bestowing them with endless wisdom to discover their own nine lives and revel in the mystery and miracle of them all.

Paperback: 288 pages

Author: Kat Cunningham

Publisher: Portal Center Press

Media Review by Catherine Rourke


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1. When you need to grow the passion of your Visionary, you have the process to THINK IT.

2. When you need to trust what your Visionary is hearing within you, you have a support system to guide how to THINK IT.

3. When you need to have the knowledge to take action and build the Manager that supports your dream, you know others have laid a foundation for you to SAY IT.

4. When your Manager is not as active as needed to be a reality, you can relax knowing it is just a phase of natural growth that always comes when you SAY IT.

5. When the Worker in you feels rebellious, you have five worker qualities you trust to move you passionately ahead in alignment when you ACT IT.

6. When the Worker is lost in the process and becomes out of focus, you have a custom “life script” to follow to trust your actions as you ACT IT.

7. When you are not sure of how to get to the next phase as Mentor, there are many examples of how to let go and SHARE IT with others.

8. When you are not sure that others will care about you as a Mentor SHARING IT and may question the value of your story, go back are reread your qualities – no one has who you are , what you want, and makes the same decisions you made – you are a passionate  original sharing your journey with others. 

9. Because you have come full circle again as the Visionary, you now have The Journey, The System, Your Story and The Process Tools to make “Feel Good” Life choices… one decision at a time.

Kat Cunningham

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