Sedona Arizona

Is America Turning into

a Fascist Nation?



Clear evidence and clues from history

point to an impending police state


 by Thomas R. Paine


On the night of December 5, 2007, a presentation was given at the Sedona Library dealing with the comparisons and parallels of the 1930's and early 1940's Germany to what is happening here in America today — the rise of Fascism.

The movie, Sophie Scholl — The Final Days was shown to enlighten the audience of what a small group of University of Munich students called “The White Rose” attempted to do — awaken the minds and hearts of their fellow German people.

Because the majority of Germans were so apathetic about what was happening right in their own country, they blindly allowed Hitler to amass all the dictatorial powers necessary to run a completely Fascist regime by passing legislation right under their noses and without a whimper.

Does this sound familiar? Does it mean anything to you that a U.S. president passes dozens of laws (and since not one of them follows the dictates of the Constitution or Bill of Rights, makes them all illegal) negating the powers of the other two branches of government? Do you realize that he literally tells the American people through his henchmen that "the Constitution is just a piece of outdated paper"?

Does this sound like Hitler to any of you?

Defining Fascism: corporate rule

If you do not understand what Fascism truly is, then let me give you a one-sentence definition that I think is particularly appropriate: It is the State being run by corporations (in other words a “Corporatocracy”) led by a puppet dictator. This is exactly what we now have in America.

The corporations literally got Bush elected in the first place. Since he has been in office, corporations such as Bechtel, Halliburton, Enron, the entire big Pharma, etc., have benefited immensely through passed legislation giving them tax breaks, immunity from the law and huge and obscene profits.

Bush even told the American people at the beginning of his first term (not once, but twice) that it would be easier to run the country if he was a dictator. These are exactly the same characteristics that allowed Hitler to come to power in Germany (with the aid of American industrial giants such as Ford, IBM and men like Prescott Bush — George Jr.'s grandfather), and Mussolini in Italy. As a matter of fact, it was Mussolini who gave the above definition of Fascism to the world.

Not only is America being totally and absolutely run by corporations, but America IS a CORPORATION (just like each and every American citizen is — and until you file the proper UCC papers with the government to become a sovereign person and take control of your Strawman (the phony entity of each person that the government created in order to enslave us all), you will continue to be a corporation run and enslaved by the Global Elite.

This is why all the documents and communication with the government, credit card companies, courts, banks, etc. that you receive always comes addressed to you in capital letters. This distinguishes them addressing the "corporate" you.

So, in reality, you are not voting this coming November for a president of a country, but the CEO of a corporation — a corporation that "they" control. If you research the Web sites, books, movies, DVDs and articles I have listed at the end of this article, you will discover that all this material I am presenting is based on documentation and truth... not opinion.

Parallels from the past

Hans and Sophie Scholl and their White Rose comrades – Christoph Probst, Alex Schmorell and Willi Graf – were in their early 20's and determined to awaken the masses, for they knew in their hearts that treating people the way Hitler did was not only wrong, but insane. They dedicated themselves to trying to change what was happening to their country... and they literally put their lives on the line to do so.

The movie was produced in such a way so to prompt questions of each and every viewer: How do we react when we are confronted with injustice? How far are we willing to go with our personal commitment? Are we willing to stand up to authority?"

There are wars and dictatorships all over the world right at this moment and, unfortunately, we have one going on right here in America. The issue of civil courage is one that we face in our everyday lives: to rise up against injustice, to refuse to close our eyes and to bring those tyrants trying to enslave us to justice.

The parallels of what Hitler did with forced slave labor, concentration camps, prisons, assassinations, starvation and war is exactly what we see in the Fascist regime running Washington. Show me a difference between the disappearances of Iraqi and Afghanistani people sent to prisons and camps like Gitmo and tortured illegally from what Hitler did.

Show me the difference between the constant push to militarize our local police forces (who are Tasering innocent people on a more regular basis every month) and lies that cause domestic terrorism right here in our own country and abroad — (blaming it on others so a totally unnecessary and illegal war could be declared, and even worse, an endless "War on Terrorism") — and from what Hitler did in Germany and the rest of Europe. And, had he not been stopped, the entire world might have been living under Nazi Fascism.


Paving the way to Fascism

We MUST stop this little self-made dictator/tyrant in Washington from doing the exact same thing.

For those who still doubt that America is turning into a fascist country, I highly recommend reading Naomi Wolfs new book: The End of America — Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot — A Citizen's Call to Action.

In writing Common Sense, (America's first bestseller), Thomas Paine used the pamphleteering method to spread the word to awaken his fellow countrymen. Likewise, Wolf uses what she calls “the 10 steps ALL countries go through in becoming a Fascist government” as a separate chapter (like a pamphlet). Each and every country in the last 120 years that morphed into Fascism went through these identical steps... including Thailand, which recently did it in an amazing three days.

Here are those steps so you can see how they reflect exactly what is happening in our country under the power of the neo-Nazi regime right now:

Step 1. Invoke an External and Internal Threat

Step 2. Establish Secret Prisons

Step 3. Develop a Paramilitary Force [Blackwater maybe?]

Step 4. “Surveil” Ordinary Citizens

Step 5. Infiltrate Citizens' Groups

Step 6. Arbitrarily Detain and Release Citizens

Step 7. Target Key Individuals

Step 8. Restrict the Press

Step 9. Cast Criticism as "Espionage" and Dissent as Treason"

Step 10. Subvert the Rule of Law

Ring any bells?

Wolf has done a tremendous amount of research on all the Fascist governments over the last century, leaving no doubt that George and the boys are turning our wonderful republic into a Fascist government.

In the first few pages of the book, Naomi reports what she calls “Historical Echoes,” where she lists the tactics and strategy being reproduced exactly by the Bush administration, with actual sound bites, language, images and scenarios that more than likely Karl Rove, similar to Joseph Goebbels, created to brainwash the people — to get us to believe that "war is peace" and take away our liberties and freedom.

Bush even secretly tried to get Amazon.com to turn over their customer buying lists to see who was reading what — a well-known Gestapo technique. In addition, as we all know by now, he has also ordered intelligence agencies to spy on ordinary Americans through programs like Carnivore, Echelon and Total Information Awareness in order to read our e-mails and listen to our phone calls. Is this the kind of America you want to live in, or raise your children to live in?

This whole scenario we are experiencing at this point in history compares to what George Orwell predicted in 1984.Another book supporting these claims is It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis. Both of these novels were written in the 1930's when Fascism was in full swing in Italy and getting started in Germany, and give meaning to what is now happening in the 21st century.

Proving the point

In an interview with PrisonPlanet.com (and Alex Jones), Wolf mentions several things from her research worth repeating.

"There was a scheme in the 1930's, and Prescott Bush was one of the leaders of this scheme, an industrialist who admired fascism and thought that it was a good idea — to have a coup in the United States along the lines of the coup they saw taking place in Italy and Germany," writes Wolf, referring to the testimony of Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Smedley Butler.

The general was approached by a wealthy and secretive group of industrialists and bankers, including Prescott Bush, asking him to command a 500,000-strong rogue army of veterans that would help stage a coup to topple then-President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

"Smedley Butler had been involved with violent regime change throughout his career, but he ousted them and then testified to Congress that they were planning a coup in the United States — it's in the Congressional record," writes Wolf, adding that the coup was being bankrolled by German industrialists and one of Hitler's chief financiers, Fritz Thyssen.

"What is amazing to me and resonant to me is that when the Nuremberg trials were finally put in place, these Nazi industrialists, some of who [sic] had colluded with Americans including IBM, were about to be brought to trial and sent to prison — there was a moment at which they were going to look into turning the spotlight on their American partners," she writes.

Wolf adds that laws, such as the Military Commissions Act of 2006, were consciously designed to protect President Bush and his co-conspirators from being indicted for war crimes, harking back to his grandfather Prescott Bush's history, and wanting to avoid the same pitfalls.

Wolf continues:

"The family history is that you can make so much money uniting corporate interests with a fascist state that violently represses people; that's why when I saw the recycling of so much Nazi language, Nazi tactics, Nazi strategies, and Nazi imagery in the Bush White House, it gave me chills. The fact that Bush's grandfather was a Nazi cannot be presented alone as proof that President Bush is carrying on the legacy, but his policies and rhetoric."

Wolf clearly documents these "are borrowed from the Nazi playbook and, in particular, the recent move to smear administration critics as potential terrorists, are [sic] evidence that G.W. Bush is the figurehead for a modern-day fascist coup in America led by the Neo-Cons."

“It can’t happen here”

Reading everything presented up to this point probably is still not convincing some of you, so I would like to quote directly from Wolf's book just why it is that Americans have so much difficulty in believing these things could be happening right here.

Ironically, what she reports is exactly what people felt in Italy and Germany before and during their Fascist takeovers, so it may do us all good to take to heart the profound insights Wolf is sharing with us in this excerpt:

There are ten steps that are taken in order to close down a democracy or crush a pro-democratic movement, whether by capitalists, communists, or right-wing fascists. These ten steps together are more than the sum of their parts. Once all ten have been put in place, each magnifies the power of the others and of the whole.

Impossible as it may seem, we are seeing each of these ten steps taking hold in the United States today. More recent historians focus on how populations in fascist or totalitarian systems adapt to fear through complicity: in this view, when a minority of citizens is terrorized and persecuted, a majority live out fairly normal lives by stifling dissent within themselves and going along quietly with the state's acts of violent repression.

Mussolini and Hitler came to power legally in a working democracy; each made use of the Parliamentary system itself to subvert and reorder the rule of law; and each then, quickly and legally aggregated state power overwhelmingly in his own person. Both leaders were supported by sophisticated intellectuals and political theorists who made the case to the people that democratic processes weakened the nation in a time of crisis.

All dictators: invoke an external threat; develop a paramilitary force; create a secret prison system; surveil [sic] ordinary citizens; arbitrarily detain and release them; harass citizen groups; target writers, entertainers, and other key individuals for dissenting; intimidate the press; recast dissent as `treason' and criticism as `espionage'; and eventually subvert the rule of law. But there are plenty of examples of a shift into a dictatorial reality in which, for several years, while the basic institutions of freedom are targeted and rights are eroding, daily life still looks very normal — even, for many people, pleasant.

Americans tend to think of the shift to fascism in scary set-pieces: the boots on the stairs, the knock in the middle of the night, the marching columns, the massive banners waving over city streets; a Leni Riefenstahl film all the time, or an unrelieved scene of citizen terror with crematoria smoking in the distance. We are so used to seeing depictions of the most sensational aspects of totalitarian societies — the gulag, the death camps — that we don't pay much attention to the fact that there is often an incremental process that led those societies to become places where such things could happen. But as would-be dictators consolidate power, if they are training their sights on a democracy, things proceed fairly routinely in many areas in the earliest years.

Even later in the game, violent dictatorships keep many of the trappings of a civil society. It is a point of pride to do so.

What they do not have — and everyone who works in the press, the judiciary, the universities, the theater, the electoral system, and so on, understand the rules about this — is freedom.

We are not in danger of a military coup. But home-grown American versions of the same steps that all dictators have advanced may yet create an America in which all our institutions are intact — but functioning weakly; in which citizens have in theory the right to dissent, and some may do so mutedly, but most are afraid to exercise that right robustly; in which the press is subdued, the opposition is pulling its punches, and people are worried about expressing their true opinions, because it may cost them their jobs, or worse.

This would not be Munich in 1938, but it would be an America with another kind of culture than the one we have taken as our birthright: a culture in which the pendulum still exists, but the people's will cannot move it more than slightly.

The Founders never expected us to fall asleep or get lazy. They counted on us to keep the web of the precious system intact so that an American despot could never arise. They trusted us to cherish liberty as they did."

Naomi Wolf introduces some key points about why most Americans still believe "It Can't Happen Here." These same doubting people are failing to see the incremental steps taken by the dictators of fascist regimes and what history has to teach us.

Learning from history

One continuous trait we see in Fascist leaders, such as Bush, Hitler, Mussolini and others, is that they create an evildoer myth of somebody or group and then deliberately do not eliminate him (or them) but maintain him (or them) as long as it suits their purpose.

When one particular evildoer no longer drums up the hysteria and fear, then they shift it to someone else... like Hitler did first with the Jews and then the Poles and Bush has done with the axis of evil and then the Islamo-Fascists, Osama bin Laden and then Saddam Hussein.

We must learn from history — not ignore it, as the Bush administration would have us do.

The six very bold and poignant leaflets of the White Rose, which those students at the University of Munich lost their lives distributing in order to wake up the Germans, proclaim many of the same things Americans should be hearing and taking heed of today. Here are a few lines from their original leaflets:

Nothing is so unworthy of a civilized nation as to allow itself to be `governed' without any opposition by an irresponsible clique that has yielded to basest instincts; don't forget that every people gets the government it deserves; every word that comes out of Hitler's mouth is a lie — when he says peace, he means war, and when he blasphemously uses the name of the Almighty, he means the power of evil, the fallen angel, Satan; we will not be silent... we are your bad conscience; The White Rose will not leave you in peace!

These students were an example of bravery and courage and determined to try, in their own small way, to bring awareness to the attention of the apathetic people of Germany.

Here is another quote from The End of America by Naomi Wolf that supports this:

The Nazi Reich Minister of the Interior, Wilhelm Frick, introduced `clause 2': It suspended parts of the German constitution. It shut down freedoms of expression and of the press and freedom of assembly. Clause 2 also gave police forces the power to hold people in custody indefinitely and without a court order. The law, and cowed [sic] lawmakers, had well prepared the way.

At last, Hitler told the Cabinet that an amendment to the Constitution was required, the Enabling Act, which would allow him permanently to circumvent some powers of the Parliament. It was now legal for the state to tap citizens' phones and open their mail.

Appalled at the terrorists’ threat, and not wanting to be seen as unpatriotic, there was little debate: lawmakers of all parties passed the Enabling Act by a wide majority: 441 to 94. The constitution remained, but from then on, Hitler could govern by decree."

Now if this doesn't sound like Bush and the ramming through of the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act and a half a dozen other illegitimate pieces of legislation, then Americans just haven't been paying attention over the last seven years.

Exposing corruption

It is evident we need some Sophie and Hans Scholls... we need patriots like Christoph, Alex and Willi. We need brave and determined people today to fight the Fascist regime of Bush, Cheney and the rest of the “neoZioNazis.” And even more importantly, we need everyone to understand WHO and what is behind these two corrupt politicians.

It is the Committee of 300 and the Club of Rome, also known as the Illuminati. (See Dr. John Coleman's book, Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300). These are the organizations and royal families that give the marching orders to the Royal International Institute of Affairs and then eventually the Council of Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, Skull and Bones and other secret societies (of which hundreds of modern-day politicians are members... both of your two candidates in 2004 were Skull and Bones members).

THEY are the ones who must be exposed.

It is like Albert Pike predicted way back in the late 1800's, for World War III to take place in the Middle East involving the Muslim and Christian nations in a conflagration that will wipe out most of them on the planet. Albert Pike predicted both the First World War and Second World War; who would be involved; and who would die... as he has in this third World War.

How was he able to do this? He was a 33rd degree Mason and part of the Committee of 300, and they are the ones determining the future of the world.

The real agendas

One of the main objectives of the Committee of 300 is to wipe out nationalism, and especially in countries with democratic leadership that are trying to develop independent means of self-support... like Iran, Venezuela, Iraq and several African countries… and America — through the development of the North American Union (NAU), the SPP, NAFTA and the Superhighway.

Iran is NOT developing nuclear weapons like Bush and Cheney keep hammering into our heads.

The International Atomic Energy Agency and the National Intelligence Estimate from 2003 TOLD the Bush Administration there were NO weapons of mass destruction to be found. And with the latest N.I.E., i.e., that Bush and Cheney are having so much trouble explaining away, Americans seem to have forgotten that Cheney refused to accept that N.I.E. when first presented to him months ago... when he told the agencies to go back and cook the information just like he did before the Iraq war, and like the Downing Street Memo indicates for Britain's involvement.

Iran IS trying to develop nuclear energy to help its country become independent and self-sustaining, however, and THAT is what the Committee of 300 can't allow.

The committee's goal is to keep nuclear energy from gaining any kind of momentum — hence its members themselves are paying and supporting people like Al Gore and pseudo-scientists to report and back the "Green Movement," which they themselves started, in order to scare people from wanting to have more nuclear plants built. Because they KNOW this can wean countries off oil and hence out of their control.

So, in reality, the Bush/Cheney team, through the direction of the Committee of 300, is NOT going into Iran to bomb nuclear facilities capable of developing weapons but, rather, to gain control of their oil and blow up any possibility of them becoming independent and therefore NOT NEED their direction and control... to send them back into the Stone Age, just like they did to Afghanistan and Iraq.

This is all pure collectivism. You can call it Capitalism, Communism, Socialism or Fascism, but what it all boils down to is Collectivism — pure and simple. Exactly what Ayn Rand warned us about in her profound book, Atlas Shrugged.

Taking action

The Global Elite does not want people thinking independently!

The three elements the Fascist rulers of the world fear the most are:

1) Exposure

2) Losing Support, and

3) Organized Resistance.

If what I am suggesting to you still comes as a surprise, then I highly recommend your reading David McGowan's book, Understanding The F-word — American Fascism and the Politics of Illusion. This will clearly describe not only the points of Fascism, but how it is taking place in America right now.

If you want to know what you can do individually to counteract these efforts, then watch the movie, The Empire of `The City' — World Superstate (listed below).

If you want to see just how bad a Fascist government and declared Martial Law right here in America can look, go back and watch the poignant and foretelling movie, The Siege, with Denzel Washington, Annette Benning and Bruce Willis. And remember as you watch it that it was produced three years before the 9/11 atrocity.

We must all learn to Overcome Fear and Take Action! Remember — "The ONLY thing necessary for the triumph of evil - Is for good people to do NOTHING!!!!"

Thomas R. Paine is the pen name of a Sedona writer who focuses on government, politics and current events. Born in 1943, in Dayton, Ohio, he received degrees in geology and education. He studied many subjects over a 42-year research period, earning equivalent degrees in ecology, world history and politics, and building his own personal library. He has resided in Sedona since 1961.

E-mail trpaine@SedonaObserver.com.




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[I'm not saying I agree with everything this movie portrays — I think 9/11 and most terrorism in the U.S. constitute False Flag Operations conducted by our OWN government. Notice whom aided the supposed terrorists in the movie — the CIA, or our government, just as we are doing in Venezuela and Iran right now... fulfilling the Committee of 300's wishes.

Look for "Problem — Reaction — Solution." If you want to get the people to accept the military declaring Martial Law and dispensing with Posse Comitatus, what do you do? You create so much chaos that the people demand the military takeover (as in this movie) regardless of the consequences. Notice it's the bought-off and compromised politicians that demand this of their country and for the people.

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Now, if after reading this article and researching just some of the books, movies, DVD's and Web sites, you still think America had to become a Fascist state, then PLEASE do yourself a favor and look into just one more document.

Go to Google and look up the government Directive 51, or Presidential Directive 51. Upon reading it, you will discover that, without consent of the people, George Bush has given himself complete and total control of all branches of government in the case of a disaster... such as another 9/11, dissent from the masses, the explosion of that 15,000 Kiloton bomb that went missing, or whatever. If you are not convinced after reading this document, and understanding it, that Bush has made himself a dictator in a Fascist country, then you are living in a different reality than I am.


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