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Editor's Note:

The following article was submitted to the Observer by Occupy Wall Street demonstrator "Tom of York," who is reading it aloud at the New York demonstrations today and asked us to run it.  We do so with pleasure and gratitude to Tom and think our forefathers would love his statement as much as we do.

Stay tuned for more updates and reports this weekend...


A M E R I C A N    A U T U M N


Printed with permission by Occupy Wall Street demonstrator “Tom of York”

October 7, 2011


Take heart, those of Occupy Wall Street.  You are on a noble course.  Your voices have been heard and joined by countless others.  Like the first Americans who could no longer endure the tyranny of an oppressive British rule, you are making your concerns heard.  Your worthy actions have spread like a wildfire, bringing a light and direction for Real Change, for no more will Americans accept the empty rhetoric of bought-and-owned politicians.


There are some who call your actions “unorganized.”  They do this in an attempt to minimize your efforts; but their devices are known and their days, as they well know, are near an end.   Let their words not affect your spirit nor cloud your thinking.  This event is like a melding of many elements that will come together and be forged into one mighty sword.  For, as in this country’s origins, those colonists were deemed “disorganized.”  But from among those struggling patriots arose visionaries who became our Founding Fathers–the originators of the Declaration of Independence–and by their brave actions this “Great America of the People” was born.


Your actions are a new wind that finally brings hope to the downtrodden American people.  But take caution.  Some of those who oppose you are desperate and without conscience.  The many crimes of government officials, bankers, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve (not a government agency, by the way), and other corporate thieves – they may try to hide their actions by wiping clean all computer records.  Protect yourselves.  Keep current paper statements of your bank accounts and deposits, as well as proof of mortgages and other ownership of property.  Trust nothing to electronic files.  This will reduce any chaos of their actions, as well as effects of solar activities, which are now increasing.


Be encouraged by the numbers joining your ranks.  Soon, perhaps those of the police and other agencies, who will find their invested retirement funds and pensions reduced or vanished and their basic human rights diminished, will join your ranks.  And the military too, for their lives have been spent in two wars founded on lies, and their valiant labors have been barely rewarded.


To the students and young people:  Know you are the children of those who resisted the draft of the Vietnam years.  And they, in turn, are the descendants of those men and women who died in the horrors of WW2 and came back immediately to claim: No More War Ever!  Through their genetics, you have inherited their bravery and other ennobling qualities.  When you see parents and older ones among you, know you are in great and bold company. 


As in the days when this country was forged – Trust in God.  There is a Source (a Force, if you will), of which you are part and that connects all living beings.  When needed, ask for help to strengthen your efforts or the inspiration to move your plans forward.  And know that your thoughts radiate out to others, equally strengthening and inspiring them. 


The Founding Fathers knew this.  Follow their example and make this land a shining place once again. 


So be this.


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