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Stop the insanity and start the health-care revolution!

Urge your representatives to vote for health-care reform now

Enough is enough.

We’ve had it with lavishly overpriced medical insurance premiums, shabby policies, obscenely high deductibles and criminal, pre-existing condition practices. And we’re horrified that more than 50 million Americans have no health insurance - ourselves included. We believe everybody deserves access to affordable health care just like they do in most other countries.

Currently, there are no state or federal laws that require workplaces to provide paid sick days. In fact, half of our nation's workers don't have a single paid sick day. But the Healthy Families Act would provide a guarantee of seven paid sick days a year to full-time employees -- to help them get well or to care for a sick loved one.

The time has come to send a powerful message to Washington that we’re no longer willing to suffer foreclosures, bankruptcy, massive debt, illness, pain, suffering, mental anguish and even death while our representatives go laughing all the way to the bank with free health care at zero cost. Together, we must hold them accountable for restoring our quality of life.

On October 3, President Bush fulfilled his threat to veto the State Children's Health Insurance Program, denying nearly 10 million uninsured American children access to health care. We must urge Congress to veto this decision by delivering a message to Washington that this kind of heartless behavior will no longer be tolerated by the American people.

The Sedona Observer will be sending your health-care horror stories along with this petition to your senators and congressmen – and the White House too - levels of America's new caste system that remain detached and insulated from the everyday reality of those struggling under corrupt and unhealthy medical industry practices.

Let’s make sure they hear our voices in Washington. Let’s end the greed that’s stealing our homes, our savings, our peace of mind and our well-being. Let's work together to prevent our friends, neighbors and loved ones from sinking into needless poverty, financial slavery and despair. Let’s take action now to mend a broken health-care system. Sign the petition for health-care reform now.

Sign this petition demanding that Congress override the Bush veto and pass the Healthy Families Act, HR 646 and HR 3162 to ensure free quality health care for every man, woman and child in America and end the tyranny of the profit-obsessed medical industry now. We also demand that the American Medical Association prioritize our health and well-being over pharmaceutical and insurance industry profit-motivated agendas.


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Make health care affordable and accessible for all Americans!

Dear Representative,

Americans are no longer willing to suffer the financial oppression and health repercussions that result from a corrupt medical system steeped in greed and avarice. We demand immediate action from Congress and the Senate to sponsor and approve legislation for health-care reform now for every man, woman and child in America.

We demand access to quality, affordable health care like the citizens of all other industrialized nations. Therefore, we are submitting a collection of testimonials for your review that attest to the physical and financial destructive impact the current debauched system has had on the lives of the honest, tax-paying citizens of our community. We are no longer willing to tolerate this devastating undermining of our health and everything we have worked all of our lives for.

I urge you to override President Bush's veto of the State Children's Health Insurance Program and enable legislation to ensure proper care for America's children.

I also support the Children's Health and Medicare Protection Act (HR 3162). This legislation will provide needed assistance to low-income Medicare beneficiaries; helps to ensure that beneficiaries maintain access to physicians; protects beneficiaries from significant additional increases in their premiums; covers millions of children in working families that cannot afford health insurance on their own; and includes additional changes that will improve the quality and efficiency of our nation's health-care system.

We call on you and urge you as our elected official – vested with the power and moral responsibility to safeguard the public interest – to resolve America’s health-care crisis by supporting these bills as well as HR 646 – without any further hesitation.


Thank you!

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