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Submissions, Letters and Guidelines

Everybody is talented, original and has something important to say... 
                                                                                                            - Brenda Ueland, If You Want to Write

The Sedona Observer welcomes your voice!

We accept all letters to the editor, guest perspectives, press releases and editorial commentaries for consideration. Please allow sufficient time for articles and queries. Send all materials as part of your e-mail (no attachments) to:



We’re a friendly newspaper that believes in banishing the obnoxious elitism and detachment that pervades most media. Therefore, we welcome your inquiries no matter who you are.

Got something to say but uncertain if you can write it? Go ahead and send it anyway; that's what editors are for.

Got a question? Just ask us and we’ll reply to you respectfully – without any of the usual publishing industry arrogance.

Are you a fairly new writer who lacks confidence in your work? Don't hesitate to submit your material.

Got a story idea? We never heard of one that wasn't worth considering.

Even though we’re publishing veterans, we once had to start somewhere too. We haven't forgotten our humble beginnings and those who took the chance on publishing our first works. Therefore, we respect yours too.

We believe that much creative talent remains hidden due to a hierarchal publishing industry that has made it so impossible for writers to get their work into print unless they are strategic marketing geniuses. So even our rejection letters are threaded with compassion and encouragement. After all, we could wallpaper an entire house with all the rejection letters received over the years - right up to the present day as an editor and publisher!

We honor all contributors with North American serial rights so they retain the copyright and intellectual property rights to their work. We also believe that contributors deserve a living wage for their efforts in accordance with the guidelines set by the National Writers Union. So as we prosper, so too will our contributors.

Please review the submission guidelines on this page and dip your pen in that inkwell. We can't wait to hear from you!


Catherine Rourke,

Editor and Publisher


Submission Format

We ask that you adhere to the following standard publishing format guidelines. Please remember that we have only one editor who has to format and copy edit every word of the entire newspaper, which is no small feat. By following these simple and easy steps, you will be saving us hours and hours of extra work:

  • Paste your copy directly in the e-mail itself – PLUS an attachment. This helps to ensure we can access your material in the event of incompatible software formats.
  • Type your material in a standard black Verdana 10-point font – with no colors or frivolous fonts, please.
  • Do not use any lines or borders and no indents; keep your copy margin aligned to the left margin.
  • Single space your copy.
  • Add a subtitle and subheads to your story wherever possible and include sources and resources to substantiate your material and for creating an interesting sidebar with links where browsers can search for more information.

  • Insert your author tagline (2 or 3 sentences describing yourself) plus your contact e-mail in a separate paragraph at the end of your article.
  • Write a short bio for the Masthead or WHO page (click on the page for current examples). A photo or illustration is optional and should be sent as a JPEG image of 72 dpi and no larger than 720 pixels.
  • Include your name and phone number so we can contact you if we have any questions.
  • E-mail only. Do not send materials in the mail.
  • Include any artwork ideas or examples of images or photos we can use to illustrate your story.


Submission Guidelines

  • Letters to the Editor – Please keep your letters under 500 words. Letters must include your name, city or town and a phone number for verification purposes only. If you prefer to publish your letter anonymously, your name will remain confidential. In accordance with the Journalism Code of Ethics, we will not publish any profanity or personal attacks on specific individuals, businesses or organizations.
  • Guest Editorials – We welcome people from all walks of life to submit personal perspectives on a particular subject. Please include any sources or background reference material for your data wherever possible. We urge you to offer solutions instead of angry sound-offs. Submit up to 2,000 words.
  • Press Releases – This is not a mainstream daily newspaper with listings columns but a paper devoted to issues that affect a broad spectrum of people across many communities. So we look for announcements pertaining to the larger issues and bigger picture of life – community issues, environment, immigration, water, health care, and other social or planetary concerns.
  • Columns, articles and photographs – We welcome your ideas, photos and query letters and will be posting a Writers Guideline shortly. Since we are not a literary journal, we do not accept fiction. Word counts vary, so check with the editor first.
  • Those contributing stories, editorials, commentaries and other articles must include an author tagline at the end of their piece, consisting of a short bio of two or three sentences. All contributors are invited to sumbit a longer bio and/or photo or illustration for the WHO page that contains the masthead. Please refer to the various bios on this page for examples.

Please e-mail editor@SedonaObserver.com if you have any questions.