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The Sedona Observer is a nonprofit publishing organization that does not receive funding from advertisers or corporations to ensure the integrity of its editorial content. So we’re operating out-of-pocket – and depending on you for support.

This Web site was paid for by an 86-year-old woman, who is on a fixed income and battling cancer as well as a “corrupt health-care" system, because she believes we represent everything that is so desperately needed in today’s media.

As a free and independent press, The Sedona Observer relies on public contributions, donations and ethical sponsorships to keep the public informed with the in-depth news and analysis of the issues that remain largely censored or neglected by today’s corporate media monopolies.

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The Sedona Observer is a professional online newspaper edited and published by an award-winning journalist who believes the time is long overdue for reinventing the media so that it truly serves the public interest instead of corrupt power brokers.

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