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The Science of SottoPelle®

You Don’t Have to Live with It!

Change your life naturally ~ The Science of SottoPelle

a new book by

Dr. Gino Tutera, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.


Medical pioneer, hormone expert and author

GinoTutera, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.,  

unravels the science of BHRT in his new book

and reveals the real "hormone hoaxes" lurking

in both media and medicine today


Part of the Observer's "Truth in Medicine" series

by Catherine J. Rourke

Member, AHCJ

“Putting the Medical Stethoscope under the Media Microscope”

Published September 23, 2013


The “Science of SottoPelle” has nothing to do with rockets, yet it delivers that very kind of power.

Some call it the "power of the pellet."

The beauty of its proven success lies in its very simplicity and safety, with countless testimonials from grateful patients all across America for whom the Science of SottoPelle has bestowed significantly better health and vitality.

That sums up the essence of the SottoPelle® approach to balancing hormones for both men and women highlighted by Dr. Gino Tutera in his new book, You Don’t Have to Live with It, Book 2, The Science of SottoPelle®.

A practicing OB/GYN physician in Scottsdale, Ariz., who has been treating hormonal issues for more than 30 years, Dr. Tutera explains in this short and easy read how SottoPelle’s safe, effective and scientifically documented method of bio-identical hormone therapy [BHRT] has been used for decades with nothing but positive results on human health. 

He ought to know. After all, he’s the medical pioneer and visionary who was way ahead of the BHRT bandwagon and every other medical practitioner now dishing it out in one-size-fits-all doses with no quality control or patient monitoring.

Dr. Tutera was pounding the natural BHRT podium even before the Women’s Health Initiative woke up one day in 2002 to declare synthetic hormone therapy [HRT] downright dangerous and toxic hormones such as Premarin and Prempro the cause for widespread heart disease and breast cancer among users.

Still, he points out the ongoing confusion that prevails among physicians and patients alike when it comes to the different types of hormone therapy, safe delivery methods and what’s really “natural” in a marketing culture using that label for every unnatural drug and product.

Dr. Tutera writes:

It’s important to note that pharmaceutical companies are permitted to designate anything made from plants as “natural.” (In which case, plastics could also be called natural since they are made from plant sources.) Many FDA-approved estradiol patches are marketed as natural when in fact they are synthetic formulas, altered to make them patentable. 

It’s no different from the recent reports about fraudulent food labeling for organic products since so many foods are simply labeled “natural.” Drug companies evidently follow the same reckless marketing practices as the food industry when it comes to hormone labeling.

But Dr. Tutera has even more to share in his fascinating book.

One form of hormone can save your life; other kinds will likely destroy it. Do you know the difference? More importantly, does your doctor?  

Probably not, thanks to the glut of contradictory and confusing media reports and medical journal articles primarily bought, paid for and fueled by pharmaceutical companies that fund these vehicles as well as the curriculum of medical school training.

And that’s precisely what inspired Dr. Tutera to write this book – to explain the differences between synthetic or pharmaceutical hormone therapy [HRT] and natural or bio-identical hormone therapy [BHRT]. He sorts fact from fiction about healthy aging, menopause and andropause and hormone therapy so that patients can remain safe, healthy and balanced, without any dangerous side effects or negative effects on their well-being.

The book is worth reading for that alone since many medical blogs and websites and media articles fail to distinguish the difference between the different types of hormones and their various delivery methods. Chapter 6 offers readers an excellent list of hormone myths versus facts.

Dr. Tutera has written long and hard about the dangers of oral HRT while the media continues to advertise its benefits in slick 3-page hormone ads and while the gynecological community continues to promote HRT and prescribe oral estrogen.

Clever drug company ads are designed to fool women into thinking synthetic hormones are natural and therefore safe. Note the line that reads: Scroll down to see Important Safety Information.

Dr. Tutera writes:

My concern today remains the same as ever—that the flood of misinformation and outright fiction on the subject of HRT continues to flourish in the media, and especially on the Internet. After a decade of high profile exposure, one would think that the facts might prevail and rise to the surface. Not so. I still read articles and hear news commentators provide lopsided, abridged versions of the facts. Too often reporters and even medical people base their conclusions on incomplete or inaccurate information.

Dr. Tutera’s goal, then, with this book is “to help patients and physicians better understand the vital role that science plays in the treatment of hormonal deficiency.”

Ultimately, he says, the Science of SottoPelle is about practicing medicine that combines “good science and common sense.”

Good science means non-synthetic bio-identical hormones administered directly under the skin in pellet form for 24-7 delivery throughout the body just as hormones do naturally whose release is regulated by the heart rate and not by artificial chemicals.

Imagine that – all the natural bio-identical hormone your individual body needs in the precise dose distributed 24-7 throughout your system time-released by your heart instead of a pill. No more daily creams, tablets, troches or even weekly patches.

About the size of a grain of rice, the pellet lasts an average of three to four months. No muss or fuss and, best of all, it’s scientifically proven to offer the safest method of natural hormone balance.

 Bio-identical hormone pellet


Dr. Tutera sums up the science of the pellet clearly and simply for his readers in Chapter 7:

There is no magic pill, potion, injection or patch, for instance, that can instantly solve hormone deficiency and create an internal homeostatic environment. For that you need a pellet delivery system which more closely replicates the body’s way of doing things.


Makes sense, right? Then why all the prevailing dissension among physicians about hormone therapy?

Dr. Tutera has plenty of answers about that too in his book, explaining how pharmaceutical companies dictate medical trends and directives. Still, he remains focused on the science of good medicine with SottoPelle.

Chapter by chapter, Dr. Tutera clearly unravels the mystery of hormone therapy and clarifies how each kind helps or hinders the body’s normal physiology, defining the difference between a genuinely “natural” bio-identical hormone and the impostors that are actually synthetic pharmaceuticals in disguise that bear detrimental effects on the human body.

He also states the plain facts right up front in the Introduction so nobody misses it, noting that since his last book:

  • More studies were published linking use of synthetic HRT with life-threatening health risks such as heart attack, stroke and breast cancer;
  • Further research was published supporting the safety and efficacy of bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT); and
  • Pharmaceutical companies entered the BHRT market while their lobbyists tried to shut down the competing compounding pharmacy industry.

He even dedicates an entire chapter to explain the vital role of quality pellets and accurate, customized dosages designed for every individual patient.

Most importantly, the book emphasizes that the key to safe, effective hormone therapy lies in the delivery method. Dr. Tutera emphasizes the pitfalls of pills and the shortcomings of transdermal creams, troches and patches with their “roller-coaster” effects and negative impacts on the liver, producing blood clots, bleeding and breast problems.

The Science of SottoPelle, then, is all about subcutaneous delivery, or an under-the-skin-approach, using authentic bio-identical hormones in the form of natural pellets compounded from yams, whose carbon compound molecules are identical to the molecular structure of the hormones produced by the body.

How’s that for the miraculous gift of plant medicine to human health?

Dr. Tutera writes:

The pellet hormone delivery system (PHDS) has been positively researched for many years and accepted as the most effective hormone delivery system available.


In addition to demonstrating how the body functions and the role of hormones, with clear illustrations, Dr. Tutera provides much detail on how the Science of SottoPelle works in Chapters 7 and 8 – a must-read for anyone new to the role that the right delivery system plays in hormonal balance.

This means most of us – and that includes most of primary care providers as well who have somehow missed this critical aspect of human health and hormonal balance. But now we have Dr. Tutera to de-mystify the entire hormone conundrum for us, so there should be no more excuses. Give this book to your doctors and health providers to educate them about the facts – for the sake of their own health and hormonal well-being.

Dr. Tutera explains that bio-identical pellets were developed in Europe in the 1930’s with their positive results documented by dozens of scientific studies long before the emergence of dangerous synthetic hormones such as Premarin, which is manufactured from equine urine.

He writes:

There is one prevailing myth that, above all else, I hope to dispel. That is the assertion I’ve heard repeated so often by self-proclaimed experts: that there have been no studies to show the effectiveness, safety or health benefits of using bio-identical hormones. This statement could not be further from reality! In truth, these biologically identical hormones have been extensively researched and studied since 1935, as indicated in the bibliography of each of my books.


Why does this continue to elude modern American medicine in a digital era, with all those studies at everyone’s fingertips courtesy of the Worldwide Web? Few practitioners, it seems, appear to be doing their homework or any real research through the numerous scientific studies documenting the safety and effectiveness of bio-identical hormones and delivery methods.

While neither media nor medicine can get the facts straight on hormone therapy, at least there is someone who has it all figured out and created a system to ensure public health.

Dr. Tutera supplied the Observer with a stack of these studies for us to pore through and they’re all listed as footnotes in his book. Just a quick scan through the reports reveals all the evidence to substantiate the Science of SottoPelle. Again, it’s not rocket science but good common sense – the kind he employs in his practice.

If it’s so simple, why is it so overlooked by most doctors?

Dr. Tutera explains that medical training fails to address hormonal balance as the foundation of good health. Medical students are not trained to look for the root of the problem, nor a cure. Patients are treated as diseases with lab stats and not as humans.

He writes:

Time and again, I’ve witnessed firsthand the life-changing impact SottoPelle® has had on thousands of patients—whether it was a saved pregnancy, or serious osteoporosis reversed, or a marriage revived when hormonal balance returned, or some other health gain. But, for those of us who have advocated bio-identicals for many years, it’s often felt like an uphill battle to raise public awareness of the benefits of these natural, human- identical hormones. Perhaps the most difficult part for me and other BHRT physicians hasn’t been a lack of positive outcomes, but in the prevalence of propaganda and misinformation fueled by the extravagant marketing budgets supporting pharmaceuticals… The reason for these tactics is simple: goliath drug manufacturers like Ayerst make billions in profits on their patented versions of conjugated and synthetic hormones.


“Pellets are the only form of BHRT that has been researched for over 75 years,” he notes. ”All other forms of hormone deliver a massive dose at once to alleviate symptoms without curing the real problem.”

The Science of SottoPelle is really about restoring the natural physiology of the body to its normal state. In his book, Dr. Tutera explains how this works. It is science-based, using a mathematical algorithm to determine precise and accurate dosages.

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Take testosterone, for example. It keeps the heart pumping since that vital organ is loaded with testosterone receptors. Stress, of which we have plenty in this culture, restricts blood flow to the heart, but testosterone enhances that flow.

It also increases blood flow to the pelvic area, lowers insulin levels and carbohydrate intolerance, and promotes an 8.3 percent gain in bone density. It stimulates oxygen flow to the brain for mental clarity and stable moods. In fact, the brain has difficulty producing serotonin without the presence of testosterone.

Now take the average woman. Her body requires a bucketful of testosterone each day – around 300 mg, according to Dr. Tutera – to support muscle tissue, heart and brain function, and reduce inflammation as well as – get this – protect breast tissue and her general cardio-skeletal well-being. Testosterone also wakes her up in the morning.

“Without testosterone, a woman would need a crane to get her out of the bed in the morning,” Dr. Tutera says. Yet, he notes, most doctors continue to deny a woman’s need for this critical hormone to protect her health, which is seriously contributing to a decline in human health across the board. Instead, they condemn women to such low testosterone levels that barely support everday functioning. This is just one significant factor contributing the widespread decline of health in American women and a dramatic rise in breast cancer, heart attacks, osteoporosis, chronic fatigue, reproductive disorders and many other diseases.

"By age 40, most women are totally depleted of normal levels of estrogen and have lost nearly ALL their progesterone and more than HALF of their testosterone. And they wonder why they're tired, overweight and can't function."  -- Dr. Gino Tutera

Dr. Tutera explains in his book that most women have lost over half of their testosterone levels by the time they reach 40. Coupled with a loss of normal estrogen levels, it increases a woman’s chance of breast cancer twenty-fold. This explains why so many are on anti-depressants and experiencing low libidos, weight gain, mental fog, low energy, osteoporosis and even breast cancer.

The loss of testosterone also explains the severe rise in men’s rate of prostate cancer, and many men have lost over 50 percent of their testosterone by the age of 50, he notes.

The Science of SottoPelle goes beyond menopause and andropause to address many illnesses.

“The thrust of what I’m doing now is using this approach to treat different problems – metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiac disease and Parkinson’s,” Dr. Tutera states. “You can do all the right things, but you won’t see any difference if your hormone levels are low and you’re not in a normal physiological state.”

Dr. Tutera explains how the medical community is largely detached from the potential of BHRT to treat various diseases. He blames it on the lack of proper review of medical studies, with many doctors simply relying on brief media synopses of medical journal articles that fail to provide a deeper level of analysis. “The information is there but it’s ignored or disregarded,” he says. “It’s a closed shop.”

Modern media only adds to the confusion, with distorted Twitter-length headlines and a serious lack of solid research. No one, it seems, in media or medicine appears to be doing their job of examining all the studies documenting the safety and effectiveness of certain hormones and delivery methods.

In fact, the Observer has found that many current media health articles, such as one currently appearing in the October 2013 issue of MORE magazine, was funded by pharmaceutical companies under the guise of a fellowship from a respectable journalism organization. For more details on this shameful practice, see the lower righthand column about the blog "Media, Medicine and Morality."

The proof of the pellet pudding

Despite the way the media bashes bio-identical hormone pellet therapy in the public stockades, the Science of SottoPelle statistics are astounding.

Estrogen therapy reduces a woman’s chance of colon cancer by as much as 40 percent. With pellet therapy, patients experience an improvement in HDL levels (good cholesterol) in just eight-to-12 weeks, with a significant drop in bad cholesterol. Bone density improves dramatically while fibrocystic breast tissue disappears. Pellets stabilize moods and stimulate oxygen flow to the brain and even enhance weight loss routines.

Dr. Tutera’s 10-year breast cancer study offers a case in point. He found that testosterone pellets helped to prevent breast cell proliferation, and the use of estradiol pellets helped to induce cell death in dysplastic and cancerous cells.

”There’s a multitude of studies that prove the survival rate is enhanced with bio-identical testosterone pellets,” he says. “It’s all there in black and white.”

The Science of SottoPelle restores the human engine to maximum performance with pellets that deliver round the clock precise doses of testosterone and estradiol for maximum function of the endocrine, cerebral and cardiovascular systems. It serves to ward off disease states that have a hormonal basis and makes the body functional again.

Dr. Tutera writes:

The re-creation of this natural state requires a delivery system that communicates with the pituitary and utilizes the pituitary hormones to regulate levels of bioavailable sex hormones in the bloodstream.


“If you give the body the tools, you give it the great power to heal itself,” he notes. “Instead, we give it alien substances that destroy the body’s power. Just because we can live longer doesn’t mean we can live better.”

One size does not fit all

But the Science of SottoPelle is also about the precise dosage and safe application and distribution of specially formulated bio-identical hormones specifically customized for each individual. Dr. Tutera explains that this science is not about a one-size-fits hormone, no less than we would all wear the same or wrong shoe size.

And that’s where SottoPelle differs from many other providers and imitations on the market distributing the same dosage to all patients without proper testing and individual analysis.

“That may work for dress sizes,” Dr. Tutera notes, “but certainly not for hormones. You can’t be normal physically until you’re normal hormonally. Without proper hormonal balance, you can’t protect your cardiovascular system on a continuous basis. You have to be normal on the inside in order to function normally on the outside.”

In short, the Science of SottoPelle can be summed up in one simple equation:

The right kind of natural bio-identical hormone

+ the specific individualized dose

+ distribution throughout the body by the right delivery system using a pellet under the skin

+ internal control by the body’s internal control system such as the heart rate

= a return to normal physiological balance, homeostasis and well-being.


It was designed to work with the body in a way that it finds familiar and to return it to a natural state of internal balance—something that, according to Dr. Tutera, cannot be delivered by other methods or even other pellet procedures.

Simple, safe, surefire – that’s the scientific fact. And so are the results.

I’ve seen some very remarkable results with osteoporosis, heart disease, and even Parkinson’s. The countless happy endings I’ve witnessed (including my own and that of my wife) are the living proof that my therapy can give people back their lives again, Dr. Tutera concludes.

I know because I am one of those people who got my life back with SottoPelle. Thank you, Dr. Tutera, for upholding the Hippocratic Oath to “preserve the finest traditions of your calling…” for all of humanity.


This media review was written by Observer investigative medical journalist Catherine Rourke, who has thrived on SottoPelle since 2005 and never grown a single hair on her chest despite testosterone supplementation. At age 60, she credits SottoPelle for her bone density levels of a 35-year-old and the energy levels of someone far younger than her years.

Learn more about the Science of SottoPelle

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Gino Tutera

M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

Founder of the SottoPelle®

BHRT Method


Gino Tutera, M.D., F.A.C.O.G, recognized worldwide as a pioneer and leader in the field of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, has practiced OB/GYN medicine for more than 30 years specializing in natural hormone therapy.

He received his medical training at the University of Missouri and opened his first clinic dedicated to hormonal well-being in 1982.

Long before bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) became the hot topic of talk show segments and celebrity endorsements, Dr. Tutera began working with bio-identical progesterone to save pregnancies in 1979 and drew plenty of skepticism from critics.

Though it wasn’t a widely known or accepted therapy at the time, Dr. Tutera was unshakably convinced – just as he remains today – that bio-identical hormones were (and still are) far superior to the pharmacological substances mass-produced by drug companies.

It only made sense, he reasoned, for the body to use hormones that were biologically identical to the hormones produced naturally – not the synthetic blends, which (often-unsuccessfully) replicated them, causing unpleasant side effects.

Dr. Tutera pioneered a medical breakthrough with the SottoPelle® subdermal method, which delivers BHRT directly into the bloodstream through pellets individually prescribed in precise dosages for each patient.

He has been an industry leader in performing pellet therapy since 1992 and founded SottoPelle® Therapy in 2002.

His subcutaneous delivery method has liberated thousands of people from the oppressive symptoms of menopause or andropause symptoms.

Dr. Tutera now practices in Scottsdale, Ariz., with affiliated offices and trained physicians around the nation helping people restore their health and vitality.

He has published  three books on the subject, You Don’t Have to Live with It! and Life Regained: The Real Solution to Managing Menopause and Andropause, and now the Science of SottoPelle®, which all provide deep insight into hormone replacement therapy for men and women.

You Don’t Have to Live with It

Click here to purchase


Life Regained: The Real Solution to Menopause and Andropause


Click here to purchase

Dr. Tutera's book

Noting that BHRT has been used successfully and safely since the 1930’s, Dr. Tutera is “committed to elevating this therapy to a level where it is available for every woman and man in America who wants it and needs it.”

Visit www.sottopelletherapy.com or call 480-874-1515 for more info.

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Hormonal Balance. Well-Being.

8412 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 101

Scottsdale, AZ 85260



Setting the Hormone Record Straight

Dr. Tutera responds to an article in MORE magazine

"The Hormone Hoax"

October 2013 issue


Dr. Tutera's letter

[Reprinted with permission]

After reading the article “The Hormone Hoax, I felt compelled to comment on the subject.  I did not see any disclaimer that the author received no financial benefit or subsidy directly or indirectly from any pharmaceutical company. 

Because the content of the article was definitely biased toward the pharmaceutical industry and unless the author discloses whether she received directly or indirectly, any support from the pharmaceutical industry, the article is worthless in its content.

A number of the clinicians quoted do have ties to the pharmaceutical industry and naturally would espouse these opinions in support of the products produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

In an effort to be fair, I do agree that the manner in which hormone replacement is done is and always has been archaic and unscientific. Whether bio-identical or synthetic, patients are not given doses that are individualized for that patient’s particular needs. By not individualizing the dose for each patient, it would be impossible to achieve the appropriate physiologic effect to benefit that particular patient.

To properly calculate the dosage necessary for each male or female patient, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration. But physicians are never trained to do anything more than use a standard starting dose, chosen arbitrarily, and then give more or less hormone depending on the symptoms. 

Using this approach I ask, “Where is the science?” This method of “dosing” hormone is without scientific basis, whether using biologically identical or synthetic hormones.

The primary issue featured in the article is what “biologically identical” truly means.  The only parameter the author focuses on is the biochemical structure.  Biologically, “identical” should only be attached to hormone replacement that satisfies the following parameters:

  • A hormone that has the exact biochemical structure as the human hormone
  • The hormone or hormones need to be replaced in the exact ratio in which the body produces the hormone to effect the maximum physiologic protection, that is, Estradiol to Estrone ratio of 2:1.  (the ratio of the human body produces during the female luteal phase; which is the time a woman is in her most protected state.)
  • The dose of hormone has to be dosed exactly for each patient utilizing a dosing formula to produce a normal level of hormone that would be biologically identical for each patient and be protective.
  • Most importantly, the hormone therapy cannot be biologically identical unless the delivery system utilized replicates the secretion pattern of the organ being replicated, that is, the ovary or testicle.

Without fulfilling these parameters, the term “biologically identical” cannot be attached to a product.

Which brings me to the appalling statement contained in the article that pellet therapy is “dangerous” and using as an example a group of medical clinics that were using an excellent therapy in a very incorrect manner.

They were not properly supervised and they misused pellets.  Would you term robotic surgery dangerous because a certain surgeon misused it and gets serious complications?  The answer is NO! The modality is good, the user was poorly trained. 

To state that pellets are dangerous demonstrates a lack of knowledge and research on the part of the author and her “expert.” The clinics mentioned violated every standard of medical care and dosed everyone incorrectly. The clinic was using an excellent form of hormone replacement incorrectly, which became a recipe for disaster.

In fact, pellet hormone replacement, in contrast to the author’s belief and her “expert” opinion, remains one of the most researched forms of hormone delivery starting in 1939 by Dr. R. Greenblatt from the University of Georgia Medical College. The clinics he established have been using pellet continuously since 1937. 

Researchers such as Susan Davis, MD; Margarte Thom, MD; J.W.W. Studd; Dr. Craviato; Dr. D Gambrell; Dr. Natrajan; Dr. Davelaar; and Dr. Morris Notelovitz all attest to the safety and efficacy of pellet hormone replacement with its ability to lower cholesterol, elevate HDL, normalize carbohydrate and insulin metabolism, reduce insulin resistance, improve myocardial function, reverse osteopenia and osteoporosis and prove that the use of pellet hormone replacement does not increase the incidence of the development of breast cancer. 

In fact, in our SottoPelle clinics, our incidence of breast cancer is 1:1000 compared to a 1:9  for women not using hormones.

The SottoPelle clinics and their doctors are strictly trained to use a proprietary patent-pending formula to individualize the dose of estradiol and testosterone for each patient to effect a physiologic level of estradiol and testosterone for that particular patient.  Our clinics are the only pellet replacement clinics that use this unique formula.

Pellet hormone therapy is the only form of hormone replacement that satisfies all the parameters previously mentioned.

  •  SottoPelle therapy correctly gives pellets that are manufactured to only contain estradiol and testosterone that is biologically identical in structure that are analyzed by an outside pharmacological lab for potency, purity, sterility and proper dissolution.
  • The pellets are the only form of hormone replacement when properly dosed that replicate the protective ratio of estradiol to estrone ratio of 2:1 (Margaret Thom, M.D., 1983)
  • The dosage has to be individualized to produce the physiologic levels of estradiol and testosterone necessary to produce the beneficial effects on the central nervous systems, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, and produce metabolic normality only seen with pellets.
  • The pellets are the only form of hormone delivery to reproduce the secretion pattern of the ovary and testicle.  The pellets release of hormone is governed and controlled by heart rate and cardiac output therefore, as long as the patient’s heart is beating and has a piece of a pellet in place the secretion of hormone is continuous and will vary according to the patient’s needs.  The body therefore controls the release of the hormone continuously thereby allowing the body to increase or decrease the amount of hormone released according to the body’s needs. No other form of hormone delivery, such as pills, patches, creams and gels, suppositories, rings or shots, allows the body to control the release of the hormone.  Without the internal control of hormone release, the patient does not get a biologically identical secretion of hormone as with pellets.

Without the continuous secretion of hormone, patients cannot get the beneficial effect of the hormone. Pellets are the only form of hormone delivery that delivers hormone in a biologically identical manner.

In conclusion, pellet hormone is the only true biologically identical hormone replacement and, according to the literature and the results seen in the tens of thousands of patients, both male and female, treated in our clinics over the past 22 years, it is the only truly protective form of biologically identical hormone and is not dangerous.

Gino Tutera, MD, FACOG




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Power of the Pellet


Hormone pellet therapy has been available since 1939. That’s when Dr. Robert B. Greenblatt, the preeminent pioneer of endocrinology, introduced it to the University of Georgia Medical College. Today, hormone pellet therapy is used around the world, including here in the U.S., in Western Europe, Japan and Australia.

Decades of positive research show bio-identical hormone pellets to be safe and the most effective hormone delivery method available when properly administered. In fact, hormone pellets are the only form of hormone therapy to mimic what the human ovary and testicle do.

Both estradiol and testosterone have been regulated by the FDA for human use. Each lot of hormone pellets contains pure hormone (99.89%) and a human fatty acid (0.2%) to bind them together (unlike other pellets that use synthetic fillers). The hormones are individually pressed or fused into very small solid cylinders or “pellets.” Estradiol pellets are a little bigger than a grain of rice—approximately 3 millimeters in diameter. Testosterone pellets are larger than estradiol pellets.


Benefits of Hormone Pellets


•The only method that allows the body to control the release of hormone—raising levels when more hormone is needed and decreasing it when requiring less•Deliver a very low dose of hormones continuously, 24/7

•Release hormones directly into the bloodstream, thereby bypassing the gastrointestinal system and liver

•Consistently proven more effective than oral, injected, or topical methods with regard to sexual function, mood and cognitive function, metabolic function, bone density, urinary and vaginal problems, lipid profiles, breast health and hormone ratios

•Can last up to 6 months

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