Welcoming in the New Energy!

August 20-23 - Bandon, Oregon


Sept. 11-13 - Jerome, Arizona


Clear out the old,

learn how to stay grounded

and invite changes you may have only dreamed about !


Coach Brings People Together

for Self-Empowerment in Tough Times


Published August 14, 2009


Personal Coach for Passionate Living Lori Rubenstein announces her 8th annual retreat series, Transitions: Welcoming in the New Energy, in Oregon and Arizona this summer.


Rubenstein, a former attorney and now a professional life coach and mediator based in the Sedona area, explains that she created the workshop to address the needs of people in challenging times.


“Things are changing; the world is changing; and people are freaking out!” she said. “But they don’t have to. When we learn how to embrace the changes to realize we WANTED the changes, we come to a place of acceptance.”


The problem, Rubenstein says, is that most people have been so spoiled, materially, and are now learning how to live without all the extravagances.


How can we deal with this? Rubenstein has the answer: “It’s all about going inside and realizing what is important in life!”


                              Lori Rubenstein, right, leads the annual retreat in Oregon.    



The weekend retreats, offered in on the spectacular coast at Bandon, Oreg., on August 20-23, and in the historic enclave of Jerome, Ariz., near Sedona on September 11-13, represent the antidote to fear about the future, she claims.


“Most people have to wait until they are on their deathbeds before examining what was really important in their lives,” she said. “The world changes are a great opportunity to look inside and ask yourself what is most important to you and to start living your life in a way where you spend more of your energy on what is, in fact, important.”



At the retreat, participants will learn how to deal with the fears and confusion that they are all facing as well as embrace practical tools and strategies for dealing with the changes – essentially, shifting from ego-based living to spirit-based living, according to Rubenstein.


For more information, go to http://daretotranscend.com/coaching-classes.html and click on the link for the workshop location. Or e-mail Rubenstein at lori@attorney-coach.com.



About Lori Rubenstein


Lori Rubenstein is a life coach, mediator, author and teacher known as the “Personal Coach for Passionate Living.” Her passion for helping others helped her transcend from a child born to a teen mom in the projects through the stage of wild and out-of-control teenager. The strong will she developed then served her greatly in later years, as she transformed herself into a compassionate warrior, helping countless people move their lives in positive, life-altering directions.


After practicing law as a family attorney for 18 years in Pennsylvania and Oregon, Lori is now thrilled to bask in the Arizona sun with children in college as the successful author of three transformational books. She is honored to witness people’s growth as a life coach, as well as a workshop and retreat leader.


Tune in to her Internet radio show, Journeys from the Heart, at SedonaTalkRadio.com every other Monday (August 24, September 7, etc.) at 8 a.m. PST.


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