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The Turning Point

Story and Illustration

by Jim Kirwan


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The Silence of Americans


by Jim Kirwan


CONGRATULATIONS, America. It seems that we have succeeded where no one else would ever want to go!

This nation took a settled Republic and dismembered its form of government, turning this democracy into something that looks a lot more like “Dumbocracy” - and then has had the temerity to wonder why the world thinks we're crazy.

Many writers, including this one, have been trying to figure out why Americans do not react to what this nation is doing in the world today, both at home and abroad. Perhaps the answer is much simpler than many of us imagined.

Initially, it appeared that Americans were either just asleep or willfully blind to all that is and was being done in our name. It appears that the population is behaving like a herd of dumb animals, slavishly following orders from a certifiable "leader" named George Bush who has no qualifications, no leadership skills and no accompanying track record that could ever have justified his failures in the office that he now occupies.

His "cabinet" has been filled with equally unqualified people who collectively have no experience in military matters, or in the administration of anything meaningful or real.

So why does this nation credit this spoiled offspring from a truly criminal family, this AWOL coward who ran away on 9/11 instead of doing anything at all to interrupt the attacks of that day? WHY has Bush not yet explained himself to the nation or the world?

In the mid-1930s, Sinclair Lewis wrote It Can't Happen Here. In that novel, he concluded: "…where in all history has there ever been a people so ripe for a dictatorship as ours!"

Even today, the U.S. Senate cannot bring itself to apologize to the victims of lynching – “4,743 people killed (illegally) between 1882 and 1968." And we call ourselves a civilized nation! We have taken a dire situation and intensified the risks and destroyed the impediments that might have slowed the rise of anarchy. And all the while, we have remained deaf, dumb and blind to what we are creating. WHY?

If the dead of all those wars we entered into - to "Make the World Safe for Democracy" - were to be heard on this subject, the chorus would remain deafeningly opposed to our present course of action. Yet the public, in its bubble world of profits and power, continues on the one sure path that will bring death and ruination to all the outlaws they represent. These men and women who died in our wars would not applaud what has been done with the sacrifice they did not really choose to make. In WWII, 50 million died - for this?

In the two wars we are waging now, there are officially more than 4,000 military dead and nearly 90,000 civilians killed (Reuters, Jan. 30, 2008). There have also been more than 100,000 exposed to Depleted Uranium, and the malignancy of that disease, which continues to kill long after the guns have been silenced. This affects not only the GI's, but their families as well - yet the public is still not concerned enough to demand real answers from those who got us into this situation.

How many more must die before we begin to scream ENOUGH? What's the magic number here: 2,000, 10,000 - 20,000 dead? Who decides what that weighty number will be and who will stand against this injustice, not just for our dead but also for all the people who have been maimed or displaced or killed because of our belligerence? Why is it so hard for Americans to understand that the people we kill for the outlaws all would have had families, dreams and futures had we not slaughtered them too!

Why do we seemingly not want to know who is responsible for pulling the strings on our homegrown outlaws - the thugs who sign the orders - then lie about the facts of what they have done and continue to do so hourly? One reason that seems to hold a lot of sway is that Congress no longer makes our laws; they've sold that privilege to the highest bidders.

The government of the United States of America is now of, by and for the Corporations. These are the same corporations, the “Corporatocracy,” to whom the American people have bequeathed a literal and legal eternal life while, at the same time, allowing their own corporate "best interests" to override the needs and interests of the very citizens who made all that largess possible.

All the terms of any agreements that the workers for such companies signed on for are now subject to nullification at the whim of the corporations. The retirement funds, the health care and the long-term interests of those who made the profits happen now represent nothing but "excessive costs" to the corporations that are failing on all fronts, because they have destroyed any incentive for anyone besides the upper-level managers to profit from their existence.

But it gets worse. Americans gave the newly minted outlaw corporations the legal right to exist. Those corporations have no further need for working Americans because now they have foreign markets to buy their outsourced products. So the public here is overripe to become nothing more than a wage-enslaved herd of animals to be directed and controlled by what suits the corporations - at each and every turn in their corporate schedule for hegemony.

The answers to the above questions are not pretty. War is GREAT for business and it's especially good for stockholders, people with jobs at those corporations who hold the SECRET no-bid contracts and for insiders. Normally, wars are good for the initiating country for the profits that are generated by that action.

In this case, since the jobs have been outsourced, down to and including the manufacture of American Flags in China, this nation has actually lost millions of jobs because of the war and its demands upon our outsourced corporate legions, whose profits have never been greater. All this while the public was told to "just go shopping!"

Perhaps it is understandable if the above represents the real reason why so many refuse to "know" what's going on; this could explain many things. For instance, if the above is true, then it would definitely be understandable that many would indeed fear for the loss of their jobs, or the loss of the income generated in their 401K's, or their stock portfolios - IF they were to publicly demand accountability from those who created 9/11 and then started these wars to cover-up their crimes. No wonder all the little lambs chose silence over protest; that is what the "smart-money" always does!

Congratulations are in order. It took real perseverance to turn this democracy on its head and to learn to worship outlaws while we are killing everything that we have always professed to "believe in." Welcome to the Dumbocracy of the New United States of the Corporatocracy.

We have created a prison of the mind that will destroy any rational thoughts we ever had of being human. Maybe, we have become nothing more than pod people without the capacity for critical thought. We have abdicated all that we would each have brought to being viable beings, opting instead to live as footnotes in the margins of the lives of faceless, soulless corporations. In the final analysis, we are destroying all that makes each of us valuable - to ourselves or to others.

Think about it: Do you really want to be the excuse given for the U.S. to continue to reign as the world's sole Dumbocracy?

Break the silence - NOW!

Jim Kirwan is a San Francisco writer, painter, sculptor, graphic artist, illustrator and political activist whose work has appeared on the Web for the last six years, including his own site at http://www.kirwanesque.com. He is a columnist on rense.com and has contributed his work to Information Clearing House as well as Heyoka Magazine.com.

E-mail kirwanstudios@sbc.global.net.

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