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American Rights at Work - Advancing democracy in the workplace

Aquarius Books - This wonderful bookstore, library, meeting place and gift emporium in Grants Pass, Oregon, uplifts the body, mind and spririt, with events and speakers that present topics for personal and gloabl enlightenment and transformation.

David Bacon - Labor journalist, author and photojournalist


Citizens Water Advocacy Group - Water conservation and education

Dare to Transcend! - Life coaching and mediation

Father John Dear - Peace activist

Freedom's Design - Advanced media solutions with heart and soul

Great Peacemakers - authors Ken Beller and Heather Chase

Health Care for America Now! - Health care reform organization


Healthcare Photos - Stock photography - Barbara Hansen


HOLODYNAMICS - A quantum leap for solving individual and global challenges!

Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons – Political cartoonists


Mark Hurwitt - Editorial cartoonist


Interfaith Worker Justice - Campaigns to improve workers' wages, benefits, and working conditions for workers

International Labor Communications Association - Labor journalism and communications

Kanoa - Photographer extraordinaire at Daily Venture.com


Keep Sedona Beautiful - Conservation advocacy organization


James Kirwan - Writer, artist and political activist


Let Justice Roll - Faith and community voices against poverty

Living Wage Resource Center - Resources and links to living-wage Web sites

PAFCO - Protecting Arizona's Family Coalition - Take action for positive social change!

Paul Loeb - Author, lecturer and essayist on citizen responsibility and empowerment


Loyola Press - Books with a higher consciousness

Gail Mangham - Arts advocate, historical and social justice theater

http://www.NaturallySpeaking.biz and http://www.gailmangham.com

Dick Meister - Freelance journalist, labor commentator, author and editor. Read Dick's column on the Observer's Labor and Workplace page.


Michael Moore


Models with Conscience - Animal-friendly, environmentally conscious products

National Nurses Organizing Campaign/Arizona


Near Bridge, Inc. - Linking values to the bottom line

Saltwater Systems – Web design and hosting


Sedona Environmental Alliance


Steve DeVol – Filmmaker, photographer and videographer


Sustainable Arizona - A resource, education and action organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Arizona


VOICE Entertainment


Your Guide to Green - Everyday tips for green living







Media working together in

a collaborative exchange

from "ME-dia" to "WE-dia"


The New Media Landscape - 105 Vital Sources for Journalists

According to this comprehensive site, "Anyone mourning the “death of journalism” based on the closure of a few newspapers hasn’t been paying attention. The exponential growth of Internet connection speed and accessibility has ushered in a journalistic renaissance, fusing art, reporting, and storytelling into a single pursuit. Multimedia and new media journalism are the new normal, and anyone hoping to thrive in the competitive journalism marketplace will have to work with not only the written word, but moving and still images, interactive web presentations, and a plethora of other tools that make rich, digital storytelling so powerful.

"New Media is a broad term that can refer to everything from interactive photo and video displays to social blogging platforms, and those who are able to integrate all types of media into compelling narratives will be the most successful journalists."


Alternative Voice - Nonprofit, advertising-free quarterly publication dedicated to humanitarian

and social concerns

Alternet - Alternative media community

Barnestormin - Breaking news stories, personal essays and musings by Pittsburgh freelance writer Jonathan Barnes, covering Pittsburgh news, the craft of writing and more

Center for Independent Media - Harvard University Nieman Journalism Lab for the future of media

CR News Reports© - "Future news completely unfiltered and un-spun by any self-interest or media networks and deciphering the mainstream news for what it is ... a history lesson"

Democracy Now - Independent media daily

Free Press - Media reform and Internet freedom - visit www.freepress.net

Gateway to Sedona - Regional directory

The Reporter

Journal of the International Labor Communications Association

MediaWire - Multimedia production company

Mondo Times - Worldwide media

Nation of Change - Progressive journalism for positive action

Natural News - Bringing the very best of truth in medicine, health and wellness with superb investigative reporting by Mike Adams

Sedona.biz - Sedona news and information

Sedona Talk Radio - Internet radio station brings the magic of Sedona to the world

The Occupied Wall Street Journal - The 99% speaking truth to the 1% runaway power